We work with Oklahoma County schools to empower, educate, and motivate students to make healthy choices. The Evidence-Based Programs (EBP’s) we teach are designed to give teens information, skills, and confidence to protect themselves from unplanned pregnancy, HIV and other STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections/Diseases). We implement these programs in 6th, 8th and various grades in high school.

In the 8th grade classrooms, we bring in Peer Educators. These are high school students who volunteer to help us teach. The Peer Educators follow a script and lead a guided discussion to help students think about potential issues, situations, and unwanted outcomes based on their decisions.

Clinically Proven

We've been doing this for 20 years

Peer Education is an effective strategy for delivering knowledge to teens because it improves social skills and promotes healthy behaviors. Peer Educators help make program content more relatable, helping the learning "stick" and increasing teens' motivation to use what they have learned.

Our programs are fully evidence-based and proven to work. Oklahoma County’s teen birth rate (ages 15-19) has decreased by over 50% during the past decade, thanks to the efforts of Teen Empower and its partners. While we’re proud of this accomplishment, the state’s rate remains far too high.  Oklahoma has the 5th highest teen birth rate in the nation, and Oklahoma County has the largest number of teen births each year.

Student Experiences

“I like that they showed us what an actual healthy relationship looks like.”

– 9th Grade Student –

“I liked that we get to learn about this at our age, so we can make good choices in the future.”

– 6th Grade Student –

“My educator explained stuff in ways that we could actually remember.”

– 8th Grade Student –

“I learned to always think about your actions before doing anything.”

– 9th Grade Student –

Awards & Recognitions

2022 Volunteer Service Award

The SHAPE High School Peer Educators received the 2022 Volunteer Service Award from the Oklahoma Public Health Association for their contributions to the field of public health. They assisted lessons in 36 Science classes, reaching 789 seventh grade students in five middle schools. They invested a total of 2,030 volunteer hours in SHAPE health education and promotion, classroom presentations, and community service activities.

2021-2022 Outstanding Community Partner

Awarded to Teen Empower by the College of Education and Professional Studies at the University of Central Oklahoma, March 2022. This award recognizes community partners that have made outstanding contributions through collaborating with members of the college to benefit students and the community.


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