We teach in several Central Oklahoma area schools. We have taught 7th grade students in four middle schools since 2008. In one of those middle schools, there were 14 pregnancies reported the year prior to our arrival. Since 2008, there have been no more than two pregnancies reported in a year, in that school.

We teach without judgment, shame, blame or guilt. We teach evidence-based lessons. Lessons include but are not limited to Puberty, Reproductive Anatomy, Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships, Contraceptives, The Risks of Early Sexual Involvement, Assertiveness Techniques and Dealing with Internal, Peer and Social Pressures.

We recruit and train high school age peer educators to teach with us. Teens teaching their younger peers is an incredibly effective tool and we have experienced great results.

Along with the peer education training, our team of high school students are taught more in-depth lessons related to sexual health. As a result, they become advocates for others in their own schools and communities.

In addition to programs in schools, we teach lessons and make presentations at area churches, colleges, universities and for various community and state organizations.