A Love Letter to Our Donors

Dear Donor,

Thank you. I know we’ve said it before, but we truly cannot say it enough. Your donation means we are able to increase our impact on the lives, health and future of more young people in our communities. We want to ensure you know how your donation supports our cause.

Teen emPower! Provides sexual health information that is accurate and culturally responsive. We teach students with a variety of backgrounds using inclusive programs that keep in mind the difference in cultural norms and family structure. With your donations, we are able to provide quality sexual health education to hundreds of youth in the Oklahoma City metro area each year.

In the classroom we see many youth who have learning challenges, putting them at greater risk of being bullied and victimized. Your donation helps us ensure we are able work with all students who receive permission, including neurotypical students, neurodiverse students, and students with I/DD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities).

As a donor, your support of our middle and high school programs is an investment in young people. Our educators can get into more classrooms and talk to more students because of YOU. Your support and encouragement was especially important for our team during the pandemic when it was difficult for our educators to reach our students. One thing that kept us going during the COVID was the belief that our programs were important for students.

With support from donors, Teen emPower! has grown from a single staff member to a team of 11 in recent years. The financial investment from donors allows growth and improvement of our staff, programs, and community outreach. We have been able to move from hosting one SHAPE training camp per year for high school peer educators, to providing SHAPE members with two annual, multi-day training events. We have expanded from teaching primarily 7th grade to also reaching 6th grade, 8th grade, and some high school classes. Research by TAMU around our SHAPE Program was included in the American Journal of Sexuality Education and we have been recognized across state lines for our innovative programs and impressive results. 

Speaking of those results, you should take credit for some of that as well. If we couldn’t get into the classroom, we wouldn’t have contributed to reducing the teen birth rate over the last ten years

All this to say, we really do appreciate your donation because it allows us to continue to make a difference! The impact your money can make with Teen emPower! directly affects youth in Oklahoman communities. Whether you’ve donated $5 and helped us purchase classroom materials, or donated hundreds and helped us develop the leadership skills of a high school student, we just want to say…


Reading this even though you aren’t a donor yet? No problem! You can support our programs here.