Our mission is to empower, educate, and motivate adolescents to make informed decisions for their sexual health.



By giving young people the knowledge, skills, and confidence to protect their health, build positive relationships, and expand opportunities for their future.



By partnering with schools, parents, caring adults, and young people to provide quality sexual health education to adolescents without judgment, shame, blame, or guilt.



By inspiring young people to make informed decisions about their sexual health, relationships, and life choices in ways that respect their voice and encourage them to reach their potential.

Peer Education

Students are more likely to retain information when it’s provided from their peers, which is exactly why we developed the Peer Education Model for teens to learn about healthy relationships.

Programs & Resources

Our programs are designed to provide quality sexual health education and help local youth access sexual health services and other key resources.

Support Us

As a local non-profit, we rely on support from generous people who are passionate about making a better future for the youth in our communities.

Helping young people make healthy life choices.

Why Our Work Matters


Middle and High School Students that have participated in our program since 2005


Local High School students that have been trained as Peer Educators since 2008

SHAPE is the only program in the state where trained older teens present sessions for younger teens on managing peer pressure and building assertiveness skills!

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Investing in Youth

Teen emPower! serves youth and schools where the need is the greatest, to ensure all young people have the information and skills to make healthy life choices.

To learn how you can support Teen emPower! and its important work, please check: Invest in Youth.