About Teen emPower!

We teach students using two curricula: The Courage to Say KNOW, developed at OU Health Sciences Center; and Postponing Sexual Involvement, a nationally recognized, science-based curriculum.

With these curricula we teach life-skills education including:
Physical & Emotional Changes; Healthy Relationships; Setting Boundaries; HIV and STD Prevention; Substance Abuse Prevention; Communication; Abstinence; Contraceptives & Barrier Protection; Self-Esteem; and much more.

Through our peer education program called LIMITS (Life Is More Important Than Sex), we train high school students to educate younger students about peer pressure, social pressures and assertiveness techniques. In addition, we work with our peer educators on leadership and teambuilding skills.

We also make presentations to adult groups about how to talk to youth about uncomfortable topics and the latest information about these issues.

Most importantly, we teach with honesty & respect and without judgment, shame, blame or guilt.